Leavers’ day – a month late

Oh my, oh my!  Almost 6 weeks since I came here last!

Well, life and holidays happened :-)

So let’s start.  Life first.  My oldest, beautiful, intelligent daughter has finished High School, or Secondary School for the British out there. And of course it was a big deal.  So at the beginning of July we, Alice, Juliette, Philippe and I went to Cheltenham to celebrate the end of an era.

The celebrations started in the morning with Prayers with the whole school gathered in the main hall.  Then followed Speech day.  The School reverend did the first speech, then she was followed by Malala.  Yes, Malala, the one!  She delivered a very powerful speech about her experience, about being a girl, about education.  What I particularly want to keep from her speech is that educating our girls is very important, essential, but nothing will really come out of it if we don’t educate our boys too.

And to finish the day, we had the BALL.  And suddenly, it hit me: MY girl who was just nice teenager when I dropped her in Boarding School two years ago, is now an adult, and a nice one with that.  I’d love to take all the credit for this, but I must thanks her school for all the support, the guidance she received over the last 2 years.

OK, enough words, let’s see some pictures now.

Leavers' party1
Prayers and Speech Day

Leavers' party2
How much can one loves before the heart explodes?

Leavers' party3
They were all so beautiful

Leavers' party4
Half naked Brazilian guys dancing for an all-girls school!

Leavers' party
My girls, happy together.  What did I just say about heart exploding with love?