My homecoming princess is a mad cookie

This sounds like the perfect title for my youngest girl.

One year on in the States, and we are still experiencing some FIRST.  Last week, it was Juliette’s first homecoming ball.  I’m glad we had last year’s Year Book, had a pick at the pictures and got an idea of what to expect. And the big question was ‘THE DRESS?’ (OK, that’s not really a question).

You’ve got to understand that my ‘little’ Juliette has and always had a strong sense of style.  I remember her jumping in my bed early morning, checking my outfit for the day, making me change if she disapproved of it… and she was probably only 5.  Today, there’s no influencing her choices.  So when she agreed to let me sew her homecoming dress, I felt thrilled and stressed at the same time.

She knew exactly what she wanted (left picture).  She chose the fabric, the top layer is so flimsy, fraying so much…  After looking through pages and pages of patterns, we picked McCall M6893. It looked closed enough to what we want to achieve.

Homecoming dress

The pattern offers lots of options, from long to short skirt, fitted skirt, non-fitted skirt, alter neck, strap top, long sleeves, no sleeve…  But maybe too many options, the instructions felt a bit confusing and not detailed enough.

The top layer has been worked with French seams (isn’t it interesting that in French it is called ‘couture anglaise’ – English seam).  I’ve made the waist band narrower, did not add any boning in the bodice (Juliette does not need support).  No other modifications were needed…

Homecoming dress3
Doesn’t she look lovely?  She chose some ‘vintage-ish’ shoes and made herself a choker – looking so pretty for the party.

Homecoming dress4Au naturel, she is quite something… Crazy-mad cat lady, Project Magic enthusiast, Jujitsu kick ass, cool sister,  Wednesday Adams’ look alike…


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