London week

OK, I did plan this post for last week… but my gallbladder decided otherwise.  I’ll spear you the gory details… So rewind a few weeks back and let’s get to London.

On thing I really miss since we moved to Orlando, it’s walking, walking for the sake of it, but also walking to the market, walking to see friends, walking to school… So when in London, I just want to walk and walk…

Thanksgiving in London1

From Hyde Park to Regent Street

Thanksgiving in London2
Leggy legs and her dad around London Bridge

Thanksgiving in London3
Borough Market – so many goodies

Thanksgiving in London
Street art in Brick Lane

Spending time with Alice was really cool too.  I hadn’t seen her dorm since she moved in - her room is so so tiny, it's like a corridor with a bed and a desk. She does not mind, she’s right in the centre of London and can walk almost everywhere she wants.

A few visits to friends, a lecture in Politics at Alice’s uni, a meeting with Victor’s advisor, a few more walks…  And then, just like that the week was over... but I cannot finish this post with pictures of my kids making silly faces…

Thanksgiving in London4I told them I want smiles and if I can’t get smiles them I’ll post silly faces…