Merry (unusual) Xmas

M e r r y    X m a s

v v v v v

J o y e u x    N o e l


Unusual Xmas for us this year.  As my husband mentioned, it’s the first time in 45 years (a bit more for me) that we spend Xmas abroad, meaning not in France.  It is also the first time in the last 20 years, that we are not at my parents’ for the celebrations.  And it’s the first time ever  that we are not with the kids.

Because I can’t travel yet, it’s Xmas across more than one continent…. Thanks to FaceTime and other technology, we still got a bit of time together. Sadly, no pictures of our Australian branch.

Xmas2The coolest thing, my kids smiling at each other and my grand-mother saying ‘they don’t seem to be that far away”

Anyway, that’s no reason not to treat ourselves.

XmasHoney roast duck, apple and red cabbage, sautéed potatoes

Xmas1Homemade mince pies, Christmas pudding and Brandy butter – oh so British!

Xmas3And a few random pictures from my phone