Our take on an American tradition

Fast fast before it's Christmas - let's report our Thanksgiving week. Juliette and I spent it in England, Philippe joined us on Thursday, Thanksgiving day and we had our first family get together in 3 months.  All 5 of us in the same country, in the same time zone - a performance on its own.
This is what it our Thanksgiving dinner looked like:
IMG_0452A somewhat French family, celebrating an American holiday, in a Thai restaurant, in the British countryside
A few comments:
  • Yes, my kids and their dad have the same smile.
  • No, my son and my husband are not brothers even if they look alike (more troubling, they both look like my father in his youth).
  • I need a new shirt (this one is soon to be vintage), I need new glasses and a new haircut and no, I'm not a high maintenance gal...
  • There's something strange happening behind Philippe’s head and mine.
  • Have you seen Victor's arms - he is so 'buffed' up.
  • And what to say about my girls? They are so pretty, and it makes me melt to see how they are kind to each other (ok not 100% of the time, but most of the time).
  • And finally, no turkey has been armed during this very special event (only chicken).
Edit: as my smart husband said -  no turkey has been HARMED... and we are glad that they were nor armed either...


  1. Caroline, I just love you family and your wonderful humor! Happy Holidays!


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