Brooklyn Tweed Kids

If you follow me, you might know that I love, love Brooklyn Tweed knitting patterns.  Last year, I knitted Jules for myself, I also knitted a couple of hats for the girls, shawls
How can I explain my love:  the patterns are always trendy and classic, well explained.  And I always learn something new.  It’s the kind of knitting that makes you feel that you could be an expert.
When Brooklyn Tweed Kids was launched, I had to knit one something from the collection.  And lucky me, I know two little kids that might be happy with new tops.
BT Kids
Wyatt – once the pattern was established, it was a breeze to knit.  I did size xxx.  It seems quite big.  I guess the little guy who getting it will grow fast anyway.  I’ve used Bergerede France, Chinaillon.  Once blocked, it became very soft and drapy.
BT Kids1
I had some yarn left so i used all the remaining to knit this pretty scarf – Spore. Again it looks more complicated than in it is.  The rhythm of the cable made this the perfect project during our road tip this summer.
BT Kids2
Finally, Arlo – this one was a tough one.  Nothing wrong with the pattern or the cables.  But I made a very poor choice on the yarn.  I got it from Jo-Anns, but I did not realised that I picked balls from two different dye lots.  The texture and the colour were so different, I still don’t know how I did not notice until I had one front fully knitted.
I’m curious so see these on the kids – both tops look quite big, or it might be me not remembering how tall are 4 and 5-year old kids.
Now all is left to do is drive myself to the post office, do the paperwork and mail all of this to Australia… with a few more things that don’t necessarily require a full post
KNITTwo pairs of socks – notice the matching stripes, quiet proud of this!
Homecoming dress1
Wrap dress (pattern and fabric were in my stash for 13 years) – Happy, sunny little top – Japanese book


  1. I'm constantly impressed by your skill! Bring ( or wear)some knitting pieces to the guild so I can gush over them!

  2. I'm impressed too and always happy to receive them. they are so beautiful. I love them. I can't wait to be in winter.....still too far away


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