My kind of happy, quiet Saturday

After all the fuss and rush of the ‘Holiday Season’, January is the perfect excuse to go slow, to make for quiet time.  And it is exactly what today is about.
The girls are working in my Craft room, it’s is sunny and warm.  I really like when they work together.  I miss the the time when the three of them were gathered around the dining table, helping each other with their revisions.
Good time to cook too. I have been buying Sweet Paul Magazine recently (I normally find it at Anthropology).  Browsing through it this morning, this recipe called my name: My Happy Dish – Candy Pork with apples and pears.  After the cold week we had (colder than in London), it is the perfect dish -  comforting.  There’s plenty of spices, maple syrup.  I’ve glazed some carrots and mashed some potatoes to go with it.
Candy pork
On the crafting side, for once, I have a finished project to show. 
Xmas sew along1
At the end of November, I’ve started following beelori1 from Bee In My Bonnet.   Lori was hosting a Christmas Sew Along project #haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas on Istagram.  I had sewed a few blocks, but then I was interrupted and was not able to work on it until after Christmas.  I was determined not to let this little thing wait until next Xmas - I can’t add any more UFOs to my list.  I mainly used fabrics I won from my Quilt Guild and a few scraps from my stash.  I got the back and the on sale at Jo-Ann’s.  Now I’m ready for Christmas.
Xmas sew along
There were a lot of swearing, broken threads, needle changes involved in the quilting – I am far far away from the ‘expert level’.
And here is another happy note, my ‘old’ parents shared some pictures from their trip to Bolivia.  And they don’t do holiday like most people, no fancy cruise, no well equipped hotel, no cozy transportations.  They were gone for 3 weeks, trekking, back pack, staying in rudimentary shelters and ‘goofing’ around on salts desert…
0000 Temp8
These pictures were taken in Salar.  Obviously they had a great time, and it makes me thinking ‘if this is old age, I can’t wait…”
One last picture, because this post would not be complete without a picture of these three.  It makes me want a huge family hug.
15579504843_b55d03ed12_k (2)
This has became a tradition to take a picture of the kids just before we leave my parents after Christmas.  And if you were wondering, YES, I am now the smallest one in the family.


  1. "I can’t add any more UFOs to my list". Why, I don't have this problem. Or is it a problem? I loved this post, and the cooking.

  2. Your parents look amazing!! Your children are gorgeous!! Your quilt is brilliant, did you use the long arm quilter??

  3. I think I'd LOVE your parents! What awesome adventures and photos.
    What is your favorite 'Sweet Paul' recipe?

  4. Your haveyourselfaquiltychristmas quilt is gorgeous! I did one too and used almost identical fabric for the border. I haven't blogged about it yet, but it's on my Instagram feed if you fancy having a look. @sewcreateit


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