New year’s resolution or the joke of the year

Now that we are in 2015, do you make New Year resolutions?  You know: I’m going to… (fill the gap…or go to my Non-resolution post from last year).

I pretend I don’t but… Actually, it is not resolution, it is list of things I want to achieve… you see the difference!

Well, here is last year’s list with annotations – I did finish a few things, I lost a quilt top (honestly?!), and there’s a few things I’ve decided not to finish (what is the point if you don’t enjoy the process…)


IMG_6028The Owls quiltMystery quiltLady of the Lack – Xmas matLiberty pillows
Alice’s cardiganJulesSampler shawlTrendy
Juliette’s pj

And now my new list


I have many more UFOs in my cabinets, but I’m trying to be realistic here.  I know from experience that there’s always be new projects taking priority over old UFOs.

Once thing I’ve decided to do this year, is to go through all the projects that I haven’t listed and decided whether I still want to finish them.  After several years in my cabinets, I’m sure I’ve lost interest in them and they probably need to find a new home, a new purpose.

scrapbooking paper24


  1. I wish my 2015 list was as short. You have control!


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