Project Life

Here is my problem, since for ever, I haven't been good at making photo albums. Actually, I think the only one I did from start to finish was the one of our honeymoon in China (1994!…). Of course, I have some albums of the kids, but since I went digital I almost stopped printing pictures. I have boxes of pre-digital pictures, many duplicates, randomly filed... One day I will go through these and get them organised… One day…

Having said that, I still love having printed pictures. Holding a photo in your hands, the small format, the ease to pass it around, to keep it in a purse still feels better than going through an iThing.  Also have you noticed how each time you try to show your pictures from your electronic devise, either the thing goes on sleep mode, or the person starts to go through your album and find this embarrassing selfie you meant to delete (I recently learnt than even if you delete a picture on iPhone, it's still there in the 'Recently delete'. Why? Delete should mean gone, no longer there…).

Some times ago, I discover Project Life form Becky Higgins (try to google Project Life, and you’ll find myriads of great examples).  I loved the idea of scrapbooking without the fuss. So I bought the starter kit and a couple of additional cards, a pretty folder, some Instagram inserts... And... almost nothing...  I got a bit overwhelmed by the planning involved: I had to plan the pages before printing the pictures, decided on the layout, which cards to use where, cropped my pictures, made some collage so they would print at the correct size (4x6, 3x4). I can see some of you shacking their head, thinking it is not that complicated... Well, after a couple of pages, I almost gave up ... until I realised that there's always an Apps to the rescue.

And now I'm creating, scrapbooking, making collages with any picture on my iPhone or iPad. Ok, I still have to print my collages, but I have a good feeling about this.

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