Mother’s Days

Yesterday was Mother’s days in the UK.  Victor sent me a nice text for the occasion.  I was shopping when I receive it and it brought tears to my eyes.  I must have looked silly drying my eyes in the middle of the supermarket.  I was so touched.  I’m not big on this kind of celebrations, then I realised how much lucky to have three great kids which is like having Mother’s day every day.

I guess most parents feel the same.  Still it means so much to me that my kids get along, that they look after each other, that they have strong ethic, that they are learning to responsible young adults, that they appreciate what they have… blahblahblah…...

I’m not an expert in education, and I’m still feeling I have to find new ways with each kid -  whenever I think I know what to do, a situation makes me remember that there’s not one rule for all.  But I know a few things for sure:

  • keep an opened mind – it’s not because you don’t agree with what they say or want to do, that it is not worth considering;
  • be honest with your kids – it’s OK to say “I don’t know” or “I was wrong”, adults have no super power and make mistake;
  • trust that all the attention you give them is worth it – spending one-to-one time with each kid individually but it is oh so important;
  • listen, listen – as parents it is sometimes so easy to think we know better and forget that they are learning so much and that they want to share this new acquire knowledge.

Having said that, it’s still tough, rough, a bumpy ride… and I guess it is the kind of job from which you can never retire.

Desktop1 Lucky me, I have two more Mother’s day to come this year (the American one and the French one).