Souvenir from Singapore

Yes-Yes-Yes, I finished my Japanese bag. Started 3 years ago during a workshop in Singapore. Rosie, the owner of Dreams in Quilts, has a fantastic collection of Japanese fabrics (the taupe, the textured, the earthy toned, the more-than-fifty-shades-of-grey...).  She had invited Kumiko Minami for a bag workshop.

On the day, the room was bussing with 25 ladies, Kumiko didn't speak English and she was demonstrating the tiniest hand appliqué, everything translated from Japanese to Singlish by a non-quilter (Singlish is the localised English spoken in Singapore, a mix of English and Chinese with an interesting local accent). And of course, the bag was to be constructed almost entirely by hand. Bring some good friends into the party and you can imagine that I didn't finish the bag on the day

Now burry the half started bag, the pattern (all in Japanese) and move a couple of times… then 3 years later, dig the project out of your UFOs bin… I’m an archaeologist…

Japanese bag
The assembly of the front and side panels were done by hand. Every flower has been appliquéed with tiny weensy little stitches. All the pieces have been hand quilted (my fingers are still sore). The handles had been set by hand too (more sore fingers). Only the final assemblage has been done by machine. I've changed the inside lining - I did not like the fabric from the kit and I had the perfect match for the bag, a print of a map of Paris, France and Japan having long lasting connections.

Japanese bag2

Japanese bag1


  1. lovely as usual my sweet godmother

  2. You always put so much thought into your projects. Such a lovely bag. Our challenge this year is to make a miniature quilt which has to have a piece of fabric in it. Interesting!

  3. I am sure you are excited to have this bag finished. It's lovely! Your handwork is incredible. I enjoyed watching you work on this a bit and am amazed at your tiny, perfect stitches.

  4. Wonderful craftmanship, your work is so precise. Just wonderful. Debra J.


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