Pretty girls deserve pretty dresses

A few weeks ago, Juliette was singing the the Bach Festival Young Choir at the Art Festival in Winter Park.  Like last year, their conductor wanted to have a rainbow on stage, so each signer got assigned a colour for their dress. Juliette got yellow. She was not happy with it, and I was not happy to get the information just a bit more than a week from the concert. One good thing though, Juliette was OK for me to sew the dress.

scrapbooking papersWe went for Simplicity pattern 2250 with some light linen blend.  I really love the colour even if Juliette thinks is the colour of baby chick and therefore far to baby-ish.

The pattern does not have extremely good reviews on PatternReview, and it’s good I did not read any of these before.  There’s a lot of details going on the bodice, so I think it is important to go with a fabric which is both light and still holding it’s shape.  My linen might have been a bit to malleable.  Also, I don’t think busy prints will work well, all the darting/pleating details would be lost.

The bodice took me such a looooong time… Darts, pleats to sew in a specific order. Then lining and underlining – it’s the first time I was doing such a thing. It’s worth it as it help to hold the bodice’s shape.

On PatternReview, there’s a bit of a fuss about the skirt.  It is gathered and pleated.  If you look at the picture you can see pleats on the front right, and gathering on the other side.  It’s the same at the back.  I guess that gathering the whole thing would have been faster (I gathered the skirt lining).  It is not an obvious details, but I think it makes the dress less childish.

scrapbooking papers1

The only substantial modification was in the back.  Juliette did not want the bow or wings so I had to improvise.  I don’t quite remember how I construct it but I like how neat the gathering looks on the back.  The major issue with this pattern was the difference of length between the finished bodice and the lining.  I added a some extra length to the lining but looking how it folds on Juliette, I should have shorten the bodice.

All in all, I really enjoyed sewing this dress.  I took my time, marked everything and made sure I put a lot of love in every stitches.  The result is beautiful.  My girl is beautiful and I just wish she loves it enough to wear it beyond the concert.

And by the way, I wrote my first review on PatternReview because I just needed a new social network to join ;)