Please, please, please excuse the title… and the pictures… there are a lot of them and lots of butts (only at the bottom of the post, so you can avert your eyes if you want to…)

Last week, while listening the radio, I found out that the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo were held in Kissimmee.  Have you ever been to a rodeo?… Me, never and I was not prepared to let the occasion passed.

So on Saturday morning, off we went to the Rodeo in Kissimmee… It was all I expected, even better.

Here in pictures.  I wish I could have captured the smells and the music too (country music, anybody’s with me on this, oh yeah…)

3-28 RodeoThe Rodeo Queens… all smile and curls

3-28 Rodeo1and the guys, their hats, their boots

3-28 Rodeo2and some horses action

3-28 Rodeo3 Lonesome cowboy


Next time I go I’ll make sure I wear proper boots and hat.  Yeehaw!


  1. I get the most unique information from your blog, and I love it! I love that you vary what you post, and certainly what you do. Thank you for this bit on the rodeo. I've seen sign posted both here and in SC when I'm there, but have never been.


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