Country Music and Cowboy boots – our escape to Nashville

There’s no denying it, I LOVE Nashville, the show.  So of course, I had to go to Nashville ‘for real’.  My Dear Husband took us there for Memorial Day (OK Juliette actually followed unwillingly, rolling her eyes as I was getting over excited :o).

I was expecting Country music in every little restaurant, cowboy hats, short shorts paired with cowgirl boots and lots of sparkles… and I was not disappointed.  I had so much fun in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (and Juliette still rolling her eyes – please Mum, could you be less excited).  I did not buy any boots though as I don’t wear shorts.  But I don’t know how long I will hold on, I think there’s a pretty big boot shop in Orlando.

Nothing excessive! Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac – Oh so kitsch Dolly Parton’s dress – White feathers and glitter, again nothing excessive – flowers-everywhere-and-on-my-butt scene costume!

Random guy reciting the Bible – a few interesting Tshirts (the bottom left reads ‘Keep calm and carry guns’) – short shorts/short dress and cowboy boots – my lonesome cowboy

One disappointment though, I really really wanted to go to Craft South, but it only opens at the end of May.  I’m sure I can enlist a few friends to go to a week-end long workshop there (anything that starts with ‘Friday evening cocktails & snacks with students and instructors’ can only be good).  We drove in the 12 South area where Craft South is located.  It is such a lovely place, a bit ‘hipster’, it looks like a peaceful community.

Sunday, we decided to explore the countryside and drove up to Old Mulkey Meeting House State Park in Kentucky.  I always enjoy a road-trip and honestly we did it in style – did I mention that we rented a pick-up truck (a bit over the top?).  I spotted several barns ornamented with barn quilt (check out the Kentucky Quilt Trail Project).  The landscape reminded me a bit of my home countryside, very hilly, very green, small herds of cattle.

And finally, Monday after a morning of revisions (Biology and Chinese), we went and had lunch at Puckett’s in Franklin: good food, great atmosphere, pretty little old town centre!

Do you really have to go home?!…

Oh! can we keep the truck?


  1. Thanks for that outing! Looks like it was a great trip!


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