Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Country Music and Cowboy boots – our escape to Nashville

There’s no denying it, I LOVE Nashville, the show.  So of course, I had to go to Nashville ‘for real’.  My Dear Husband took us there for Memorial Day (OK Juliette actually followed unwillingly, rolling her eyes as I was getting over excited :o).

I was expecting Country music in every little restaurant, cowboy hats, short shorts paired with cowgirl boots and lots of sparkles… and I was not disappointed.  I had so much fun in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (and Juliette still rolling her eyes – please Mum, could you be less excited).  I did not buy any boots though as I don’t wear shorts.  But I don’t know how long I will hold on, I think there’s a pretty big boot shop in Orlando.

Nothing excessive! Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac – Oh so kitsch Dolly Parton’s dress – White feathers and glitter, again nothing excessive – flowers-everywhere-and-on-my-butt scene costume!

Random guy reciting the Bible – a few interesting Tshirts (the bottom left reads ‘Keep calm and carry guns’) – short shorts/short dress and cowboy boots – my lonesome cowboy

One disappointment though, I really really wanted to go to Craft South, but it only opens at the end of May.  I’m sure I can enlist a few friends to go to a week-end long workshop there (anything that starts with ‘Friday evening cocktails & snacks with students and instructors’ can only be good).  We drove in the 12 South area where Craft South is located.  It is such a lovely place, a bit ‘hipster’, it looks like a peaceful community.

Sunday, we decided to explore the countryside and drove up to Old Mulkey Meeting House State Park in Kentucky.  I always enjoy a road-trip and honestly we did it in style – did I mention that we rented a pick-up truck (a bit over the top?).  I spotted several barns ornamented with barn quilt (check out the Kentucky Quilt Trail Project).  The landscape reminded me a bit of my home countryside, very hilly, very green, small herds of cattle.

And finally, Monday after a morning of revisions (Biology and Chinese), we went and had lunch at Puckett’s in Franklin: good food, great atmosphere, pretty little old town centre!

Do you really have to go home?!…

Oh! can we keep the truck?

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  1. Thanks for that outing! Looks like it was a great trip!