We spent a lot of time travelling this Summer.  It was all nice, exciting, fun… but as a consequence, I did not get a lot of time to spend in my Sewing Room (which looks like a disaster zone right now).
Back in July, when Juliette and I stayed in Paris for a couple of days, we went to the Droguerie, one early morning.  Early morning is the best time to go to La Droguerie, it is not busy yet, and you get to spent as much time as you want with the sales assistant who’s helping you.  I did not plan on buying anything special but one needs to stay opened to any opportunity :).
So in addition, to a Squirrel sticker for Juliette’s backpack, a nice top pattern and a dress patterns book…  I also got some pretty nice yarn, Kaleido.  Kaleido is 92% Bamboo, 8% Linen.  The yarn is very soft, it does not split when knitted.
The pattern, Evisa, is a top-down cardigan, all in garter stitches.  So super easy, but a bit on the boring side, all those knit rows…  On the bright side of things, it has been an easy, no brainer knit.
Corail cardi La Droguerie
I made one small modification to the pattern.  I liked the look of the 2 stockinette stitches going down the shoulders, and decided to carry on the look all the way to the bottom of the cardigan, adding a bit of interest and structure.
Corail cardi La Droguerie1
Now, I need to run to the Post Office and mail this to my little Grand God Daughter.


  1. youhou un nouveau gilet pour ma zouzou.... merci ma marraine

  2. Very lovely pattern and the coral color is gorgeous!

  3. If only I had the patience to knit

  4. Well done! It is beautiful


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