My WF15 Knitting list

My life as a knitter is becoming more and more difficult… OK, I’m joking, nothing in my life as a knitter is life threatening.  I need to make a decision: what to knit next (once I’m done with my two current projects).

Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2015 collection is out since Wednesday and my fingers are itching.  As usual, I’m in love with the feel of the collection.  It is not only the projects, but the whole atmosphere of the look book, very earthy, very calming.

000 Temp7Here are some of my preferred projects: Fletching (top left), Cascades (bottom left), Trailhead (middle), Willamette (top right), Sauvie (bottom right)

And if only Brooklyn Tweed was the sole collections I have under my radar…  I’ve recently discover two new (to me) designers that appeal to my taste.  Shibui Knit, base in Portland, their Collection FW15 has a very Japanese feel (and it has nothing to do with the model), very clean, very simple.  My second find it Amirisu, from Japan.  Again, what attracts me to this collection is the simplicity, the no-fuss-no-pretention style.

000 Temp6 Some of my favourites: Equation (top left), Void (bottom left), Trace (centre), Inscribe (last of the right).

Now, you will have to excuse me, I need to flex my fingers’ muscles, organise my knitting needles and decide which project to put at the top of my list.