Girl Power - raising activists

I don’t know how this happened! Actually, let me rephrase this, I think I know how this happened and still I’m surprised and impressed: it looks like we have been raising activist kids, kids with convictions and values…
Introducing Juliette – my little one, my shy one, ‘ma douce’ (my sweet one, as Victor used to call her when she was a baby)… the one who took the stand in front of her pairs during a whole school assembly because she felt the urgency to share her thoughts about last year terrorist attacks in France… And my baby has some strong convictions when it comes to feminism.  So she asked me to make her a special T-shirt for her school Home-Coming week – the theme: Heroes vs. Villains.
Girl power Ts
The concept was: a T-shirt with the feminist symbol (the fist in the feminine circle) surrounded by flowers, a bandana around her hair like the We-can-do-it girl from the war time poster, paired with her shortest skirt because no girl should be expel from school for what she wears!
Girl power Ts1
That’s my girl!
Crafty-wise, I had fun appliquéd the symbol and the fussy-cut flowers on her T-shirt.  I really hope she’ll wear it again.
Next time, I’ll tell you all about my vegan boy.


  1. I love the idea, and I love the t-shirt. La douce, go girl!


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