Have you seen all the miniswap frenzy on Instagram?  Doesn’t it look fun?  All those creative people sharing, swapping their super cute minis.  I have been tempted many times…  So I finally registered to HRminiswap, received my invitation, posted my inspiration collage and then start reading the swap requirements and rules.  Oops! It’s when I realised that HR stand for Heather Ross… and that I did not have any of her fabric… and that my partner liked the Tiger Lily line which was not due to be released until August.  I ordered some Tiger Lily and some reprints of the Far Far Away collection, and a bits and pieces.
Heather Ross swap
I worked on a few ideas – paper, pencil, ruler and colouring pens.  That was such a long time since I did something like this.  Above are the 2 designs I loved most.  I was really tempted to go with the version on the bottom right.  However, there are so many fun little characters in Heather Ross’ fabric that it would have been a shame not to fussy cut them, so I decided on the other design where the pieces are bigger and more fitting for this kind project.
Heather Ross swap1
Heather Ross swap2   Being a cat lady, and my partner said she liked the ballerina, the choice of what to fussy cut was obvious!
Heather Ross swap3
And tada! Here it is.  I liked it, loved it, and had to let it go… with a few goodies.
Heather Ross swap4
All of this was, in the end, a lot of fun, no stress and of course, the best part is receiving a mini for myself!
Look at those pretty little princesses!  Among the ‘extras’, there was this unique panel by June Herold from Quilt-ish of Cap Cod, Aurofil, Scissors pouch and needles case, and more HR fabric.  So a big THANK YOU to my partner, Jean!
Heather Ross swap5


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