Petite pièce

After last week biggie, here is a tiny.  I made it for Alice’s Bday.  I’ve started long before the due date, but still did not manage to finish it on time.  I should really learn my lesson

Finish the top
Make the sandwich

(for my non-quilter friends, it has nothing to do with BLT, it’s a fabric sandwich, still very yummy)

It shouldn’t be difficult!

Log cabin2
The main fabrics are a variety of Cotton and Steel.  The background ones are from some other sources (which I can’t remember, which is a shame as I really love the ‘I make stuff’ one).

Log cabin

The tiny heart is made of 1” stripes, a lot of tiny stripes – I don’t think I’ll make a king size quilt out of them.

Log cabin1   Love the little details :)


  1. Great! I bet she loved it - worth the wait! Jan x


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