The meaningful quilt

I had so many other titles for this post

The Big Bad Ugly Quilt
The Wedding Quilt
Sooo Slooow Sewed
Once upon a time
Better late than never
The Imaginary Quilt
MP & B before Bb’s
The long lost quilt
The Beast

Now here is the story behind the quilt.  Once upon a time, my very young God-Daughter got married with her very young sweet-heart…  I was not so young, but I had 3 very very very young kids, a travelling husband, a full time job… and I should have known better… still I decided to make a quilt for the young couple… and I told them…

Of course, the quilt was started but never really finished.  At first, the couple teased me - when are we getting our quilt?  But with time they dropped the subject… And then we moved (nothing new here, it is the story of our life).  Then they moved, more than once.  They started a family.  And honestly, it was much more fun to knit little cardis, tops for the Bbs, it’s fast, the Bbs looked cute in them = instant gratification.  Still I had the big big guilt hanging around, and this half finished quilt made it more than once on my UFOs list…  So this year, 10 years later, I though it was time to move on.  And honestly, MP & B are still married 10 years later, they deserve this quilt ;)

Construction wise, the centre had been done a few years ago.  I added a border and felt it was a bit too small.  I pieced second border – still too small, so I added a third border.  Now it is big enough, not quite a king size but very close.

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The blocks: each blocks are made from one dark and one light triangle.  The first seam is at 1/4” parallel to the long side of the triangle, then 2 more seams on each side of a line drawn parallel to the firs seam.  Then you cut on the line, obtaining a large bicolour square, and some sort of a sleeve which is then chopped resulting in 5 small HSTs.  The main seams are on the bias which makes it challenging for beginners (which I consider I was 10 years ago).  I love this block because once you have your 6 HSTs then it’s all fun… there are so many way to arrange them.

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This quilt has been started at a time when machine quilting or long arm quilting was not part of my world.  Up until 5-6 years ago I was hand quilting all my quilts.  And that was my original intention for this one, but honestly I don’t think I want to have this quilt unfinished for the next 10 years.

Now it’s where I must send a very big THANKS to my quilting friends (#quiltingfriendsarethebest).  They pushed me, they nagged me, they teased me, they even let me borrow their long arm machine, they pushed a bit more until I finished free motion quilting the borders on my domestic machine…

Wedding Quilt

So now 10 years and almost 3 months later, I can proudly show you the MP&B before Bb’s wedding quilt!

Wedding Quilt2

On a closer inspection, you might be horrified by my choice of fabrics.  I need to explain a bit on this subject.  I didn’t choose my best fabrics.  Actually, I put in some pretties, some uglies, some pieces were new, some were recycled from our wardrobe (baby’s clothes, husband’s shirt…), and most of all nothing is coordinated.  I put all the dark fabrics in a bag, all the light ones in a different bag, closed my eyes and pulled one triangle out of each bag.  It does make some very un-conventional combinations.  And really when I think about it, it makes the perfect wedding quilt because when you get into a marriage you come with some baggage, with some pretty-happy bits, but also with some not-so-pretty, not-so-happy bits.  In the end everything goes in and you make it works.  You might notice things that don’t work together if you look closely, but the big picture is different and harmonious.  I’m so please that I waited that long to finish it, I’m so glad that the 2 non-pieced borders are not of the same fabric but very close, just like their two kids, different but similar, bidding the whole thing together.

Wedding Quilt1The whole process has been very slow, not always enjoyable, many times I though of giving up and now I’m so happy to have produce this meaningful quilt, and I really wish it will be with them for a very long time.