2015 Finishes

You know what keep me blogging? It helps me to remember the little things I would have forgotten otherwise.  Looking back, I’ve re-read my first post of 2015.  I was intentionally non-ambitious with my projects list.  A couple of times, I entered UFOs challenges with not much to show for at the end of the challenges.  So this year, I DID not enter our Guild UFOs challenge and I decided to have a very limited ToDo list.  Actually, my only real goal was to finish the ONE project that really matters, the Wedding Quilt for my god-daughter.  Everything else was bonus, now looking back I got a lot of bonus!
Quilts – 9 finished (and still a couple more in progress)
Little things
Dress-making (I still want to blog about a couple of finishes)
Sewing room5
A couple of pairs of socks, Evisa, Purl Soho Diagonal scarf, Colour Affection, KAL hat, Wake, It cannot fail to please
Project-wise, it has been a good very year.  For 2016, I’m going to write (for myself only) a list of projects I want to finish, a list a projects I want to make, a list of techniques I want to explore.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to report on these at the end.
Let me know, how do you keep track of what you do?  Do you find that sharing projects on social media helps documenting your realisations?


  1. Wow, you accomplished so very much, congratulations!

  2. Wow Caroline you were super productive in 2015!!! Great recap! I am rather hesitant to look back over my year. I also will make a list (for myself only) of 2016 goals.


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