Just a more couple quilts

I am not over it yet: the Wedding quilt is finished, gifted and received (could you believe it? $90 to send the beast to Australia, tracked in less than a week, in the middle of the Xmas posting madness – Thank you USPost for the efficiency).  I am so grateful to my friends who pushed me.  It gave me extra focus and energy and I finished more quilts in the last few weeks than I thought possible (for me anyway).
Here comes the Japanese ladies Kaleidoscope quilt.  Started sometimes in 2005 (I think) when I taugh the technique at a workshop for my friends in England.  The technique is a clever adaptation of ‘Stack’n’Whack’, but it use very little fabric (just need a piece of fabric with a middle to large size  pattern, making sure there are 4 repeats of the pattern in the length).  For the rest, it’s the usual story: I made the top for the workshop then forgot about it, then decided that I did not like it, then rediscovered it and liked it again.
Japanese Kaleidoscope
I long-armed it (is it a word?) and I am not too happy about it.  The thread is too thick and shows too much, making obvious that there’s room for improvement with my quilting skills.  Oh well, it is finished!
Now the second quilt.  I started this one over the summer.  Crazy Mom Quilt had a Quilt Along.  I had to jump in, I always loved a scrappy quilt!  My scraps bin is not very voluminous, you know, I don’t make that many quilts, and some of my scraps are so old.  I through them all on the floor of my sewing room where they staied almost all summer.
I treated this quilt as a practice for some quilting designs.  It seems that my hands are quite good at curves, loops and feathers.
It feels so good to have been that productive :-)


  1. Brilliant Caroline, well done! Love for Christmas. Janet x


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