Modern Xmas

I can’t believe that I’ve recently finished 5 quilts (large and small), made 2 pieces of garment and I am not done yet.  So let’s start with a seasonal quilt – my Modern Xmas.

Not long ago, I attended a workshop with Carole Lyles Shaw at my Guild (the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild).  In the workshop’s description, Carole said we will have time to finish the top during the day, we might even be able to start on a second one.  I think she had under-estimated how undisciplined, chatty a bunch we are.  At the end of the day, I had cut my fabric for all the blocks, but hardly finished 2 full blocks (OK they are huge – 16.5x24.5).

The pattern is pretty simple, Carole has done all the math for us.  I love math, even better when it’s already done ;).

Back home, I finished the blocks pretty fast, but then I spent several nights rearranging the whole quilt, sewing, ripping, sewing…  What took the most time is setting the ‘connectors’ properly so they actually connect blocks together.  In addition, I decided to piece the back too.  I really love the fabrics I chose and did not want to have any left-over.

I’ve used the ‘Board Basting’ technique (thanks to one of the Guild lady for showing us the tip).  Nice and easy, and now I understand why I needed a large island in my kitchen – the perfect space to baste a quilt.

Quilting wise, I went for straight lines on the negative space, and stitch in the ditch around the squares, each square getting its own pattern to fill the center.

I’m really happy with this quilt:

  • it’s finished.
  • I got the opportunity to experiment with my quilting.
  • I love the colour scheme, it goes very well with my chaise-long and I think the quilt might stay there all year long.
  • I really ‘controlled’ the whole process, exploring my options, taking time and concentrating on the end result.

Now, tell me, how do take good pictures of your quilts?  Do you use any programme to touch up the pictures?  Does anyone help you?
I’m using Picasa for my pictures and collages.  I am always struggling with the process of taking pictures, too bright, to dark, too much shadow…


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