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Reading wise, 2015 was an off year, not very satisfying… Actually, I just went back to my Goodreads list, and realised I am wrong.  They were some books I did not like, and still read 3 from the same serie (I should have known better).  Actually, from this experience, I learnt that I DO NOT have to finish a book if I don’t like it, why waisting time if I don’t enjoy it?
Still, since my last Playlist post, I read some good stuff, some entertaining too.  If you haven’t read it yet, I would strongly recommend Stephen King’s 11/23/62 before the mini serie is brought to screen next month.
Another nice find was the Dressmaker from Rosalie Ham.  As per the title, it the story of a seamstress set in the 50’s in rural Australia.  There’s a lot of characters, lots of women which means a lot of dresses.  Oh my! how much I love the fashion of the 50’s.  I can’t wait to see the movie, and hope the costumes will be as gorgeous as I imagine them.
If you want dark, go for Snow white must die by Nele Nehaus.  For me it falls in the same categorie as the Nordic thrillers I enjoy reading.
Goodreads _ Caroline’s Year in Books_files
Isn’t it interesting to the most popular book is the one I like probably the least and the least popular one according to Goodreads is on the top of my most enjoyable books for the year.
Goodreads  Caroline’s Year in Books - Google Chrome 13012016 105307.bmp
My current book is the Millenium 4, Ce qui ne me tue pas.  I loved the Millenium Triology.  There’s some controversy about this last book, should it have been writen?  Is it true to Stieg Larsson?  Initially I wasn’t planning on reading it, but I like the French cover (not, it is not the way one choose a book!).  I’m half way through, it is not bad, maybe a bit slow and I don’t know whether it should be compared to the original trilogy.  I really don’t have any strong opinion about it, let’s finish it and see.
Next, I have a few things lined up.  Mainly French, I realised that I am reading less and less in French and as a consequence I found it more and more difficult to write in French!  Those books are recommended by Gerard Collard, he has a book shop, a 5-minutes show on France Info (A livre ouvert) and I used to be a fan of his TV show years and years ago.  There’s a certain american flair in this selection:
  • Zelda Zonk and Hanny by Laurence Peyrin
  • Il était une ville by Thomas B. Reverdy
  • Paris est une fête by Ernest Heimigway (this one is actually a christmas present)
Reading January 2016
Do you keep a log of the books you read?  How do you feel about on line book stores or other reading book websites that tell you, according to your rating or your previous choices, you might like this book or that one?  I stopped rating books, I don’t want an algorythme to push books similar to the one I just finished, I want to be challenged with new things…  If you don’t enjoy, how long do you keep reading until you give up?  Or do you give up at all?
That’s it for now.  I’ll have to come back for a podcast playlist and a TV shows playlist too…