Tiny little knit

I love having visitors.  I love the buzzy-ness in my home, as least I know why I have all those square feet.  Still, my crafty time got reduced to almost nothing.

Anyway, I still managed to knit a little cute thing.  I really enjoy knitting for babies, I miss knitting for babies, I had so much fun to knit for MP’s Bbs (and I still enjoy knitting for them, but there are no longer babies).

Look at this baby top, it was so fast to knit, and it is overloaded with cuteness.  I took me just a few evening to finish this Maile Sweater.

Baby cardi

I’ve used some Painted desert yarn, actually just half of a ball.  It’s not blue, it’s not purple, it’s not green...  The cardigan being knitted in the round from bottom to top, I didn’t had to worry about matching the variegated yarn on the different parts of the sweater,

Baby cardi1

I added some shiny little glass bud buttons, and it’s ready.  I am just really happy with it.