Selfish moments

… and not feeling guilty about it!

I’ve been in London for a few days last week. Alice had broken her leg during a rugby game (women rugby is not a gentle sport!). Philippe was with her for her operation, her boyfriend took care of her next (nice guy, he looked after her when she was still under the influence of strong painkillers and to top it up he had to meet the parents). Then it was my turn and it looks like I got the best deal; Alice was better and apart from the occasional shopping and spring cleaning, I wasn’t really needed.

So I decided to escape and enjoyed some time on my own.  I also decided not to feel guilty about it…

London with broken Alice

For once, I did not go to my usual places and decided to explore Camden Town and Islington.  I’m not a Museum kind of person and I prefer to wander around, walk and get surprised by what’s at the corner.  And I LOVE street art.  So much inspiration!

London with broken Alice1

Another non-guilty pleasure was to go to this restaurant: My little Viet Kitchen.  Actually, I planned to take the kids and my sisters-in-law but they all preferred to go to the pub to watch the rugby game (France vs England – France lost).  So I went on my own.  Oh my goodness me! It was so good, so fresh, so pretty.  The restaurant is tiny, the deco is perfect. Such a pleasure.

London with broken Alice2

More snap-shots of my days: yes, Victor is drinking a beer, it’s England and the drinking age is 18; bicycle for rent and interesting carry on bike; an elephant on LSE campus; early morning ride to the airport.

London with broken Alice3

And I got this little note from Philippe on my car waiting for me at the airport.  Sweet!