May’s events, reasons for celebration

How are you celebrating life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, awards?… Do you throw parties?  Go out of your way to find fancy, inspiring gifts?  Do you bake epic cakes? Plot surprises for months?  I don’t. I’m not sure why.  However after a discussion with Victor, I realised that we should probably go bigger on celebrations and make happy memories

So here is what we had to be grateful for in May:

some family and friends birthdays… quite a lot actually
an engagement… 24 years ago
a wedding anniversary
mother’s days… twice, the American one, then the French one… the British one was in March
the end of High School for Victor… we missed Speech day, but we will be there for the Graduation ball
Juliette being recognised for her Community Service engagement… with an award and a letter from the White House
a (almost) mended leg…Alice is still walking with a boot, but not for long
all the kids done with their exams
summer time and hot weather… not quite sure why I’m celebrating hot weather!

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  1. Well that certainly is enough to celebrate! Your kids are so good looking.


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