The big 5 0 !

We escaped to Key West for a special thing!  What was really special was to be all together for a few days.  If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that there’s no other way I would spend my time, just all of us in a nice place, having a very good time…

Key West

Key West2

Key West1

scrapbooking papers5

Key West4

Key West3

It’s been a very short escape, but we managed to make time for

brother and sisters time
funny face contest time
toes in the sand time
toes on a boat time
washing the sun down from a boat time
spying cats around Hemingway’s house time
being together time
playing with a selfie stick time


  1. So wonderful to be with family in a beautiful place! I love that you enjoy your family soooo much!


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