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According to my google search, it looks like ‘stash’ is some kind of secret, shameful thing.  Really?  Why? When it comes to my stash, I don’t feel any shame.  I love my stash and all the possibilities that come with all my pretty fabrics.

While travelling in Oregon and Washington States, I had the chance to visit a couple of Quilt Stores and I couldn’t resist some shopping!


First stop, pre-road trip, the Sewing Studio.  This is my go-to shop for dressmaking.  There’s a nice large section of fashion fabric.  And I love the quilting cotton section too.  I needed some background fabric to carry on working on my Alturas applique (progress here), but I also found some gorgeous canvas linen from Cotton+Steel.  I’ve got plan for you!


Some more Cotton+Steel.  I’ve been waiting for a long time for From Porto with Love line.  I love those cats so much.  The rest is Juliette’s choices.  She wants me to make pillow cases and pencil cases (already done, two of them).  That’s not a lot of fabric considering I’ve visited 3 shops:  Modern Domestic in Portland.  I love this shop, very clean and light, there are little glass cabinets with tools’ display, lots of modern quilts and some garment fabric.  In Salem, I got some Anna Maria Horner’ from Quilted Forest.  The store is in a 50’s style building, there are quilts hanging all over the place, there was a nice mix of modern and traditional fabrics.  Such a shame it is closing down after 116 years in business.  Finally, I bought a pattern and a calendar at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters.  I missed the Sisters outdoor Quilt Show by just a week, but still got to enjoy some quilts at superstore (yes, quilts above the vegetable aisle or the cheese section).


Last week, I went to New York while Philippe was on a business trip in Washington.  I HAD to go to the Garment District.  I spent a whole afternoon going from shop to shop, and I think I might have spent 3 hours at Mood Fabric.  I had read that the experience could be overwhelming so I went prepared with some project ideas.  This store is massive, the staff is very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable.  Here is what I brought back: some sportswear stretching fabric, some black corduroy, a little piece of silk, some soft checked shirting cotton and 2 pieces of lace (because I couldn’t resist).


And to come full circle, I was back to the Sewing Studio this week-end for a special event: Rifle Paper Co fabric debut.  That was a super cool event with an interview of Anna Bond, the founder of Rifle Paper Co, some samples made out of Les Fleurs line and plenty of fabric to buy.  As you can see, I’ve been super reasonable.

I hardly buy so much fabric in such a short spam of time.  So I had to come with a plan to ensure that the pile does not stay untouched for too long.

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I also drew a few conclusions from these recent purchases:
  • I am developing some kind of addiction to linen canvas and to Cotton+Steel.
  • My girls are still at the top of my priorities, but I’m not too far from the top of the list.
  • I am going to spend a lot of quality time in my sewing room.


  1. So organised! I still have a massive wishlist/to do list floating round in my head! love the lace pieces.

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