The Dove blouse

There are a few things I tend to shy away from.  Things like mystery quilt, swap with total stranger or pattern testing.  Not that I don’t like to do any of these, but I am not a super fast maker and I tend to start a new project on impulse.  Well, I sign for a pattern testing on an impulse…  When I read that Megan Nielsen was looking for testers for her new pattern my thoughts went: ‘why not?’ – ‘but her patterns are for young people, and I am not’ – ‘let’s register, anyway there’s going to be too many testers, I won’t be chosen!’…  And guess what?  I made it to the testers team!

So here is Dove, made from some cotton/linen bought at my local shop, the Sewing Studio (I think the fabric might still be in stock).  Was linen a good choice for this blouse?  NO because it wrinkles like mad and I had to iron far to many times during the construction.  YES, because it gives the garment a Bo-ho look that I love.

Dove has a V-neck, comes with 3 different sleeves: elbow, flare and bell sleeves (I made version 2 – flare sleeves).  I wasn’t quite sure about the flare or bell sleeves.  But again, the idea of testing a pattern was also to get out of my comfort zone.

Dove has a high-low curved hemline.  Did I mention before that I did not like high-low hemline?  I was WRONG.  I LOVE the high-low curved on this blouse, again the Bo-ho feel.

Dove test


Dove test1

Construction wise, it went like a breath.  The instructions are clear, going through each step in details (that’s why I love Indie patterns so much!).  The curved hem and the neck are faced which gives a nice, clean finish.  I had to grade the pattern as busty-me would not fit in the larger size, adding 3 inches.  It works well around the bust, but I think the shoulders are slightly too big now.  I am planning to make another one, and this time I’ll do a FBA and probably lower the French dart, and still add a bit of ease at the back.  I might also have to shorten the sleeves, they are cut in the bias and they have ‘grown’ since I made it.

I am so pleased and thankful to have been part of Megan Nielsen pattern testing. I probably would never have picked this pattern for myself and I would have been so wrong.  It is lovely, the lines are modern and flattering and I learnt that I am still young enough to be hipster ;).

There is a round up of the Dove Pattern testers on Megan’s blog, you can found it here.  There’s also an Instagram handle #MNDove.

NB.  have you notice my necklace?  I made it!  It is a fairly easy knotting project: glass and silver beads with contrasting silk thread, Buddha head stone and homemade embroidery cotton tassel.


  1. Impressive! I'm feeling old, what's a Bo ho?

    1. Thank Debra! You're not old, you're as young as me ;)

  2. I love it, I came to your blog to view the pattern as you seemed to be the only busty pattern tester and I wondered how you were going to modify. So you didn't do a FBA? If you do one in the near future
    I'd love to see your adjustment. It scares me silly! I too need 3-4 inches added bust and hips, but not shoulders. Thanks. Tamara

    1. Hi Tamara,
      Thank you for your visit.
      For this pattern, I did not do a FBA. The pattern is casual enough that I wouldn't mind too much if the shoulders drop a bit (and they are). I just graded the pattern: sliced both front and back in the middle of the shoulder and add some ease (difference between my measurements and the largest size divided by 4 - lets say, I needed 2 inches more around my chest, I add 1/2 on the front and back pieces). As for FBA, I've done it and it is not that complicated. I have followed the Curvy Sewing Collective tutorial and it worked very well Megan Nielsen has also a tuto You should really try it, it makes a big difference on how the clothes hang on you and I found I am not wearing tents anymore.
      Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much. I'm a member over at curvy sewing collective. I'll check,out the videos and give it a go. Maybe a Sunday project. And extra thanks for Megan's link, hadn't seen that one.


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