London express – Fall edition

When your kids live in London, it is almost compulsory to do regular visits to England.  So a couple of weeks ago, I went there to make sure that they were well settled.  And yes, they were settled and already engaged in very busy student life (read: not much time for mom’s stuff, already booked with parties and friends’ stuff – and honestly, I am glad they were …

So after checking their accommodations, ordering some home supplies – how many hangers does one need?  is breakfast without a toaster possible?  how many inches of shelves space are needed?… I planned a couple of museum visits.

First stop, the Fashion and Textiles Museum.  I think it is probably one of my favourite museum in London.  I am not a great museum goer, but anything around textiles get me excided.  The TCM is quite small and from my previous visit it looks like the exhibitions always follow a similar setting: gowns/costumes on the ground floor with a single route to see them, then a few more on the first floor and finally a gallery of pictures.  I’ve seen an exhibition around Kaffe Fasset there, and another one on British designers to HM the queen.  The current exhibition is 1920 Jazz Age, 1920’s fashion, and as usual the display is great, the collection of pictures beautiful.

London Express - Fall edition2

London Express - Fall edition3

Next stop, the Victoria and Albert Museum for Undressed: a brief history of underwear.  I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this exhibition as much as the one at the FTM.  It was far more busy, everything was behind glass with reflection of the surrounding, and taking pictures was not authorised.  I took a couple of pictures of garments from their permanent exhibition.  I think I have something for the 50s…

London Express - Fall edition4

And this is Tottenham Court Road Station, the tube station by Victor’s home.  The mosaics are from Edouardo Paolozzi, check here to find out more.

London Express - Fall edition

And just one last set of pictures, the weather was gorgeous, not cold yet with a beautiful autumn light.

London Express - Fall edition1

Who said that the weather was gloomy in London?