Some break under pressure…

…others bake under pressure!  It’s been a weird kind of week-end, for no special reason.  So after having been unpleasant to my family, I resorted to a more ‘healthy’ fix, I BAKED.

chocolate chips cookies with caramel

Those are Chocolate chips cookies shaped into little cups, filled with salted caramel sauce, covered with semi-sweet chocolate ganache.

I’ve used a trusted recipe from Martha Stewart for the cookies: here to get it.  I’ve baked this a zillion times, but I think it’s time to re-invent it and make it with less sugar.  I dropped spoons of dough in a tiny muffin tray, then once the cookies were baked, but still warm, I press the centre with a wooden tool to shape them into cups.

Next the salted caramel sauce, I’ve used a recipe from this year Great British Bake Off.  Here it is (go to step 6 for the How-to).  And finally, for the ganache, I melted a bar semi-sweet chocolate, added some cream and piped it over the filled cups.  I think my piping skills need some improvement and I should work on my ganache too as it did not stay glossy after being in the fridge.

Apart from that, you’ll be happy to know that we did not eat them all, it was far too sweet…

chocolate chips cookies with caramel1

Also the crankiness is gone, and I’m going to blame my initial mood on the full moon.


  1. Ah Chocolate! Mother Nature's cure all! Yummm!!!!

  2. No, it wasn't the moon. Clearly you were having a sugar low and needed an infusion of baked goods! :)


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