The vivid blanket

When I drafted this post it started like this I'm going to try something new and have some kind of regular (ish) post on a regular subject. Sundays are going to be for Knitting. Obviously it did not work as plan...  As much as I like blogging and the memories it carries,  I seem incapable to channel enough motivation to come back here at least once a week.  Let me know if you have any recommendation to overcome this.

Well, back on the subject. Last time, I've shown you some magic knitting, this time is for the Vivid blanket. I've seen it all over the web.  Ok, maybe not all over the web, but at least on my favourite social networks,  Instagram and Ravelry.

Vivid Blanket

Vivid blanket is a pattern Emily Wessel the designer behind Tin Can Knits. It's a little bit lacy depending of your yarn choice.  After experimenting, I found that for me the best and fastest way to knit these, was to start on 4 double points needles, then switch to circular needle for the outer border.

I've use some Balmoral yarn (72% wool, 25% alpaca, 3% silk) from Sirdar which I had in my stash for ever; it has actually been discounted which is a shame because my blanket looks a bit too short.  I've made 25 squares, the dimensions are 34” square. 

Vivid Blanket1

I'm not quite sure how to go from there. Shall I find some similar weight yarn and make more squares? Shall I add a border in garter stitches? What would be a good finished size?  And anyway, what use have I for this in Florida?  I might opt for more squares as it makes it a pretty portable project. When I start working on this back in March, I was able to finish a square per day.  So one more row around the actual blanket means 24 more squares.  That’s totally feasible.  I could probably work on this while travelling, small, portable project.

To be continued…
  Vivid Blanket2


  1. Very clever. Good size for a baby blanket - but looks like the pussy cat has designs on it!


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