Best Nine

It's been clear for some time now, Instagram has taken over my social media interactions. I would love to blog as much as I used to (my best years were 2011 and 2012, when we lived in Singapore, when I did do any housekeeping and my kids where taking to bus to school!).  Still I will carry on blogging as long as I can and hope to have a few readers to follow me along.

Surfing on the trend, I’ve done my best nine and here are 2015 and 2016. It's very interesting (for me anyway) to see what attracted Likes. 

2015 - my #hrminiswap, Heather Ross mini swap was obviously a hit as well as the #scrapwrotexqal organised by Crazy Mom Quilts. Also I did post an awful lot (532 pictures!). 


2016: #quiltsforpulse is at the top. I already blogged about this, the Pulse tragedy has been shocking, revolting, but thankfully the Quilt for Pulse drive and the way quilters around the world responded has restored my faith in humanity.  On a more light note, I am delighted to see my #lesfleurs garments, made with #riflepapercofabric, are doing so well.  I am also very happy to see my #zinniaskit on the mosaic, I love this skirt so much.   Finally isn't it nice that's the centre picture is a family picture!


Tell me, what does your Best Nine look like?