A copycat Zinnia

Hello Friends,

May I come back to some projects I’ve finish last year?  I really want to show you some of the projects I really love making and wearing.

To be honest, I did not pay much attention to the Zinnia skirt when it was first launched, I found it a bit ‘déjà vu’, a bit too casual… I don’t know really, it was never under my radar.  Until I saw this version made with Cotton + Steel canvas.  I just wanted this outfit, plain and simple.

Zinnia skirt1
(Sorry for the creepy Santa Claus)

Now what can I say about the skirt?

First, the pattern: it’s from Colette Patterns and it has their vintage feel signature.  The construction is straight forward, even making the pleats was quite easy.  I think this was partly because the canvas holds very well and partly because I did not rush the process.  Another nice detail, it has pockets.  My only challenge was to match the pattern at the back, I think it doesn’t look bad at all.  I really like working with Colette Patterns as their sizing works well with my body, and therefore no alteration’s needed.

Zinnia skirt

Now the fabric.  If I hadn’t seen Colette’s sample, I don’t think I would have ever pick this print for a garment and even less for a skirt.  It’s mid-weight, it’s quite crisp for a linen, and even better it does not crease much even after having been sitting on it for a couple of hours.  Another bonus, the fabric does not fray, I did a simple zigzag to finish the seams and it is still very clean after a couple of washes.  All of this makes for a very enjoyable sewing experience.

The weight of the fabric combines to the shape of the skirt make it looks like a skirt from the 50s.  If I was a little girl I could almost turn and turn to make it swirls (I did try it, it was fun).

My conclusion: keep a creative opened mind when it comes to choosing patterns and fabric!

Edit: I've forgotten to link to Colette's excellent article on sewing with canvas linen.  Here it is! https://blog.colettehq.com/tutorials/cs-x-colette-cottonlinen-canvas


  1. I love it in every way. Plus, your burgundy pumps rock! I have never used their patterns so I'll have to check them out.

    1. Thank you. Have a look at Colette and Seamwork (same company). I really enjoy working with indie pattern company, their instructions are (almost) always so much better that the big patterns one.

  2. I would never have anticipated such great drape from a canvas blend. It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you Cara. I didn't expect it either. Now I have a large piece of hot pink and gold canvas from C+S waiting to become a dress :)


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