Mod Podge for the win

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I have a slow-ish time, almost no momentum.  Let’s say it’s the after math of traveling for the holidays, jet lag, and the kids were here too.  So I spent very little time in my sewing room, and btw I could hardly see the sewing table or the floor of the room.

In order to be gentle with myself, I started this year with a little easy project: pattern weights.  Here how it goes.  You need an even number of flat washers (I don’t know what people use these for, I got mine from the hardware store – $3/10), scraps of fabric (I used selvage) and some Mod Podge.

Cutting weights

The rest is easy: wrap the fabric around 2 rings (I first secured the fabric between the rings), then once not more metal shows, I saturated the fabric on one side with the glue, let it dry, cut the excess fabric, and dab more glue on the other side.

Cutting weights1

Once the Mod Podge has dried, it gives the fabric a bit of shine.  Aren’t they pretty?  And I really like the feel of them in my hand, perfect size (2 inches).

Cutting weights2

As much as I am proud of my first little finish for 2017, I know it is not an original idea, there are plenty of similar projects around.  Go and make yourself some!

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  1. Caroline, you crack me up. When not being used for pattern weights or jewelry, washers are used to keep a bolt from digging in to a soft surface (eg wood) and thus loosening the join and/or damaging the surface.

  2. These fabric weights are perfect to use when cutting patterns. Easier than pinning/unpinning, and Much prettier! Thanks for the "how to".

  3. Thanks for the idea...heading to Ace Hardware in a little bit!

  4. These are so fabulous Caroline!!!


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