The different stages of a knitting project

Here is my creative process when it comes to knitting.

I've just seen a new pattern - I really like it
I want to make it now


I won't have a chance to wear it
And I have enough projects already on my needles

Yes, but it's really pretty
Look how other people have made it
I'm sure I'll learn something new
And my friend wants to knit it too

Ok, yarn and pattern have been ordered
I can't wait

Yarn has arrived, it's so beautiful
Let's take some pictures for Instagram
I can't wait

Before I start let's swatch
Or I can wing it
No let's swatch first
Swatch is good, casting on

Frantic few days of knitting

One sleeve done, let's work on the second one
Feeling good, both sleeves finished

But the yarn is so thin, it's taking forever
Getting bored

I shouldn't have chosen this color
Am I knitting too tight
I'm bored

Meeting friend to keep motivation
Her project looks so much better
Have I pick the right size, I'm sure it's off
Let's try it, I'm sure it's too small
Oh shoot stitches have dropped off the needles and unraveled

Hum! not that bad
I want to see it finished now
Some more frantic knitting
Another meeting with my friend
Almost there

Knitting is done
Need to bury those loose ends
Finishing touches boredom
Do I really need to block it
It takes so long to dry from wet blocking in humid Florida

The big reveal. I love it 😍
It's so pretty
I was right making those adjustments
The color is perfect
And my friend's pullover is perfect too.

I finished my PurlSoho Lightweight raglan pullover. It was an easy knit, on the boring side, lots and lots of stockinette…. I knit it as instructed, just added some shaping at the sides as I was worried it would look too boxy on me.

Finished a while ago too, 3 hats: Debutant hat from Karen Temple. The first one was finish at Squam where I took a class with Karen. The second one on the plan on the way back, they are fast to wipe out. Inspired by Amelia’s hat, a fellow Squam camper, I’ve added a few more twisted on the cables. The third hat was a special request from wintery New Zealand. Marie-Pierre needed a wooly-soft-squishy hat for winter. I knitted Fidra in raspberry Cascade Alpaca Chunky.

Finally, this last one, Waiting for Rain. I started it more than a year ago, frogged it at least 5 times, I couldn’t follow the pattern at first, then I was not pleased with the lack of contrast in the dark section. In the end, the shawl is beautiful, light. I might knit it again.