Food for my son

… and for my girls too :)

A few weeks ago, Victor said to me “I love asparagus, how can I prepare them?” Oh my dear boy, how much I love that you ask for cooking recipes, that you cook for yourself and your friends, that you eat your greens.

For years, I thought I did not like asparagus. My grand-mother would fed us asparagus at Easter time, the big white kind, luck-warm with vinaigrette, they were chewy, stringy… and I was a kid. Yuk! Then, I discover the little green ones, and I love them. So here is one way to prepare them.

First, you will need a bunch of green asparagus (preferably organic) trimmed and cleaned, some sliced cheese (I used Havarti, it melt fast) and some prosciutto ham.

Then in a pan with a bit of olive oil, pre-cook the asparagus, just a few minutes, they need to keep their vivid green colour. In the mean time, lay a slice of cheese on the top a slice of prosciutto. Add some asparagus, and roll. The fat from the ham will hold the little parcel together. Return to the pan for 1 or 2 minutes on each side. And voilà!