Ellis Skirt

Back in November I was lucky enough to test the Ellis skirt from Cashmerette. I do love to test no yet released patterns, but there’s always a part of me thinking ‘but if I don’t like the end result?’. Well, my initial thought when I got the Ellis skirt was ‘is it really my style?’, ‘when am I going to wear it?’… However having modeled for Cashmerette a couple of times, I knew that I was up for a surprise.

First, the fabric: I bought it from Joann. I hardly get my fabric there, I don’t really like the quality. But in this instance, I had no time to drive to my local fabric store nor ordering on line. It is a rusty corduroy with a fine wale (feeling geeky here - I didn’t know that the lines made by the corduroy were call wale). It is cotton with a bit of Spantex, probably 3% according to their website (side note- I am the only one who dreams that fabric store would give you a label with the fabric composition? Or maybe I should write it as soon as I buy the said fabric). A friend of mine had worked with the same fabric and told me that the fabric did not recover very well and stretch more than expected. I kept this in mind when choosing the size.

Now the pattern- Ellis Skirt, as usual is comes in a wide range of size (12 to 28) and 2 different types of body (Apple and Pear). I was slight disappointed to realise I was an apple with narrow(-ish) hips. I dreamed myself as a hourglass… never mind!

I received the pattern in a PDF version, and I really like the fact that you can print only the size you’re interested in (smart trick from Adobe). I printed the pattern at home. I usually go to my local guy, but I had literally only got a couple of days to turn this project.

I choose to sew view B with the length of view A, and made a size 14.  Although my measurements put me on a 16 for the waist and a 12 for the hips but I guess with the fabric being quite stretchy it will be a safe gamble.

Construction wise, it was a breeze. I am a visual person and I really appreciate when the instructions include lots of drawings. Those pockets and fly zipper flat are pretty easy when you have good instructions. I also I’m liking those top-stitch lines, which I did with yellow top-stitch thread - not my first choice but there are no many options.

Overall, everything went smoothly, the fit is great and the Ellis skirt has been in hight rotation since I finished it. Success!

Now just for fun, here's a collage of my fail pictures. I actually took more than 200 pictures: I got myself a tripod and a remote control for my camera, but I need some practice if I want to avoid headless or feetless self-portraits, and silly poses.